The History of Me

Hi. My name is Steven. I’m the guy who runs this blog and does the coding for RömHead Creative Technologies projects. We’ve done a few websites in the last year, but now that I’m finishing up graduate school I’m ready to take this to a whole new level.


My interest in programming and coding dates back to the late 90s. A technology class I took in my freshman year of  high school had a web developer module. It may have been my first experience using the actual Internet, but I’m a little fuzzy on the details. In the module, we used a GUI to build sites much like you see with today’s drag-and-drop platforms. In other words, no coding was required.


Later on, I began experimenting with a personal site hosted on Homestead for free. Riverpoet’s Crash Site was a hodgepodge of Depeche Mode fandom and political blogging before the word “blog” was a household name. Eventually Homestead started charging money for all the cool parts of the service and I dropped Riverpoet’s Crash Site. Several months later, I took my first formal programming class. We learned the HTML of the day and plugged it into Microsoft Frontpage. I learned a ton about HTML and developed websites for several organizations and a couple of businesses over the next few years.


For whatever reason, I went to business school despite the fact that technology was my bigger passion. At the time, it felt like the safe bet. Who knew that the MBAs would mostly be unemployed by the end of the decade? And who would want to hire a BBA when so many MBAs were willing to work for so little? I was laid off from my first business job in 2010 and struggled to find work.


In 2011, I received a call from a recruiter who was looking for someone who could use Microsoft Excel. It was for a healthcare company – I had no healthcare experience, but I was hired anyway. A few years later I jumped up to a compliance manager role. In between all that, I continued to develop websites on the side.


Today I’m looking to grow my side projects and learn even more about the world of programming. Since I learned HTML so long ago, I’ve upgraded my knowledge and skills to HTML5 and CSS. SQL was a formidable challenge, but thankfully I was taught by the guy who wrote the textbook on relational database – quite literally. Learning C# programming was fun. I’m currently learning the fundamentals of Python. I’ll be finished with my Master’s degree in Information Systems with a project management emphasis in just a few weeks.


The way things are today is maddening. With fake news, misleading click baiting headlines, and general dishonesty in the name of a few cents of ad revenue all running rampant, honest folks have a hard time getting noticed. I’m hoping to change that, even if it’s just one project at a time.

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