About the Team

At RömHead Creative Technologies, we strive to deliver clean and concise coding that meets your project’s needs. Ease-of-use is our main focus – end-user functionality is paramount to the success of any digital creation. You want your project to look great and work as designed. So do we.

RömHead Creative Technologies was born out of a desire to make the Internet and mobile devices a better place. We want user traffic to go to you instead of to third party social media sites. Rather than giving away your customers to social media, retain them on your own home ground and drive customer engagement. It’s what’s best for business.

The brains behind RömHead have been coding websites since 1998 – remember Netscape Navigator? Since then, we have maintained a small presence on the Web through various projects. Now in 2015, we are looking to organize and expand our presence into a digital media problem-solver with an eye towards a better experience for all stakeholders.


Steven is the main developer at RömHead Creative Technologies. He has a solid foundation of programming knowledge and is constantly looking to add additional programming skills to his repertoire.


Katie makes sure everything else in the business is completed to the highest standards possible. She manages the day-to-day operations and ensures that awesome things are happening at RömHead.